Friday, June 14, 2013

Touring around Michigan

We used the Northwest MI Fairgrounds as our base to tour Sleeping Bear Dunes and the Traverse Bay Area. In this area there are about 25 wineries. This was just one we stopped at, Black Star farms.

Bob trying a Cherry Port Wine

There was also a cheese factory at the same site. Leelanau Cheese


We then stopped at a little beach town called Sutton Bay. There were a few marina's

Next we stopped at Northport, another beach town with several marina's. Boating is a very big pastime along the lakes.

A lot of large carp in the marina.

Can you guess what's on Linda's blouse?

     They are called midgets or fish flies. Not sure of their true name, but there are all over this area by the zillions

From Northport we drove to the tip of the Leelanau Peninsula. On the way we came across this airport. The stone work caught our eye. So as all good tourist do we stopped to take a closer look.  That's Bob walking up to the top of the control tower.

The runway. There were 4 or 5 small single engine planes tied down. Nobody around except for someone cutting grass.

From there we drove down the other side on the peninsula and came to a neat little fishing town called Leland.

A lot of fishing boats, some for hire, and some commercial.

Commercial fishermen cleaning their catch, mostly trout.

Was temped to try the smoked fish sausage, but passed and Linda said yucky

Unusual boat.

A dam outlet from Lake Leelanau draining into Lake Michigan

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  1. We have to visit this area, great photos.

    City of Houghton park is pretty full, just call when you know.