Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Silver Lake State Park Mi

Silver Lake State Park. There is a $8.50 charge to enter the state park, but there was no one at the entry booth. This is a very beautiful area. We climbed the sand dunes. It is a lot harder then it looks. The sand going up was very loose. Each step you would slide halfway back. But it wasn't to bad, as we made it. Once on the top of the dune it was  packed with some soft spots. The sand is moving. You can see how is covering the trees.

That is lake Michigan in the background.

Linda taking a break

Ripples in the sand

That darker spot is a deep hole with very soft and unstable sand. See the tops of trees that are buried.

Our foot prints are disappearing.

 There is a area for off road vehicles.

A lonely swan.

Little Sable Lighthouse.

Along the road on route B15

Never saw a turkey sign before. But we didn't see any turkey's.

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