Monday, June 17, 2013

ST Ignace MI and Mackinac Bridge

We are still playing catch up on our blogging. Here we go with the city of ST Ignace and the Mackinac Bridge. We used The Tiki RV Park in ST Ignace as our base to visit Mackinac Island and Sault ST Marine and the Soo Locks. We spent 4 days in ST Ignace.
    First we'll start with the bridge.  Some facts, the "Mac" is 5 miles long, one of the longest suspension bridges in the world. The suspension part is 8,614 feet. Some facts, # of rivets, 4,851,700, tons of concrete 931,00, miles of cable 42,999, # of workers 3,500. Opened 11/1/57. 100 millionth crossing 6/25/1988. The RV Park we stayed at was about 3 miles from the bridge. The toll was $8. for the truck and RV and $4.00 for the car. In St Ignace there is a "Bridge View" park, which we visited. For more facts and information see .

Crossing the bridge

The bridge from the Bridge Park

One of the jet boats that take you to Mackinac Island, some bridge work being done under the tarps.

The Father Marquette National Memorial

     There is a nice boardwalk in town around the city docks. St Ignace is on the shores of Lake Huron.

      We also climbed the steps to Castle Rock. The steps were very steep. We must like climbing steps, see passed review of Mount Baldhead.  Linda stopped about half way.
That's Linda with Paul and Babe

 Steep steps

 The ramp at the top
 The bridge from the top
 A view of the wooded area of ST Ignace
 The white car is our car


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  1. Great tour of the area, we enjoyed our time in St. Ignace

    See you Sunday, we are in #19 for a few days then #6.