Saturday, May 11, 2013

Elkhart County 4 H Fairgrounds event

      After our install at Mor/Ryde we went back to the County Fairgrounds. On the way I got the feel of the new brakes and suspension. I couldn't believe the difference. There are many railroad crossings in the area. Most are not smooth. But I was amazed at the difference the new Independent suspension made. I could feel the truck bouncing over the tracks, but did not feel the RV bounce. The braking was also improved. So far I am a  very happy camper. There are about 120 to 140 trains that go thru this area and all of them go by the Fairgrounds. I am glad we are at the far end of the campground, so they aren't to loud. But we do hear them.
     Friday we left Mor/Ryde and went back to the County Fairgrounds as it is the best location for us at this time. On Monday we take the truck in to be fixed and this is a close location to the  collision center. We woke up Saturday to 100's of trucks pulling livestock trailers into the fairgrounds. So we got dress and went to check what was going on. There was a big 4 H registration happening. There was a swine registration and inoculation. One of the ladies handing out the paper work to the participants told us what was taking place. Hope we have it all right, 1st, the pigs are ear tagged, then inoculated for swine flu. They must be inoculated twice before coming to compete in the county fair in July. The photo's are just the line up for the swine check in. This went on from about 6:30 to about 1:30. We are about a 100 yards to the left.

The recipents of the tagging and shots.

     Next was the beef weight in, shots, castration, and dehorning. Also they are photographed for identification. This was all explained to us by one of the fathers. Everything was well organized. Both the swine and beef 4 H group was the largest in the state. If I remember correctly there were 285 swine participants. They were each aloud 4 pigs to enter. Not sure what the number of the beef entries was.

I don't want to go. This was a very common site.

Next it was the goats. The same things taking place.

We saw many older people with goats, beef and pigs so question the age limit of 4 H. Members could stay in to grade 12. The fathers were helping because some of the members had entries in two different events.

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