Monday, May 27, 2013

Notre Dame University

We did get back to Notre Dame for a walking tour. The tour takes about an hour and fifteen minutes. Students guide you on the tour. We had a very informative guide that gave us much information on the school and its founding in 1842. The university is located in Notre Dame IN, adjacent to South Bend. They have their own zip code, fire department etc. The school encompasses 1250 acres. There are 8,000 undergraduates and 3,000 graduate students. After the tour, we spent some time in the bookstore and walk around the campus for a second look at some of the buildings. It was a weather perfect day for a walk.  We wore jackets, and that was overkill, we didn't need them.

      A look around the campus

There are two small lakes on the campus.

    On the left, Linda in the red jacket lighting a candle at  the replica of the Grotto of Our Lady Of Lourdes .The grotto is about 1/4 the size of the grotto in France.

Inside the Basilica, there was a special event going on and we could only get a few pictures from the foyer.

The gold dome, and a very large mosaic of Jesus holding our his arms. This mosaic I believe we were told was 14 stories high. The mosaic was named by football fans, "Touchdown Jesus"

The main entrance to the stadium, and a shot of the field.
Another statue, this one is named "first down Moses" , see his finger pointing up.

Here we are in front of the mosaic of "Touchdown Jesus", and the reflecting pool.


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