Friday, May 17, 2013

RV updates - Residential Refrigerator installed

     Had a few emails about our updates on the RV. First we went to Fox RV in Middlebury.  We had a 30amp plug installed behind our hitch so we could plug in our generators from the bed of the truck. We had all our slides adjusted.  We had our waste water drain shorten. We had our water pump moved to make it more accessible. Had a shut off valve put on the water line for our toilet. The big thing was we had a 21.6 residential refrigerator installed. That was a big job and took a lot more work then Larry Fox anticipated.  This was the first change over he has done. We also had an invertor installed. It took time to run the water line for the ice maker and the wires for the inverter, but it all got done.


Old frig coming out

Empty spot
New frig going in, note door and frame removed

Almost in

Made it

Looking in through the old refrigerator vent

And the finished item

Fox RV, where we stayed while work was being done

        Expect to spend time at Foxes, because he is so good at doing RV projects that he is very busy and short handed. We spoke to at least 5 other customer's, while there,  who have been coming to him for years. Some drove several hundred miles to get some work done. He was also highly recommended by many of the Carriage Club members.
     We then went to Mor/Ryde to have the Independent Suspension and disc brakes installed. We also had a new brake controlled installed. One teck worked about 14-15 hours on our rig for two days and finished completely without jumping around to another  job. Very professional. The brake controller was installed by Dan's Hitch. Also very professional.
     Then we went to Bigfoot and had our system checked out and our rear jacks turned around.  Took about 3 hours and was very professional.
    Next we went to Focal Wood to have Carlyle trim the new refrigerator. He did a super job. We also had him build a table surround for us. We had seen his work on several other carriage Club members RV's and decided to have one made for us.


After, the table is pushed all the way in, it is on a slide, our original table with a different leg

The table pulled out, there is 16 inch leaf  stored in the table
Set for dinner for two

At Focal Wood

      We have spent a lot more time in the area, but all the shops were very busy. Make sure you make an appointment if using any of these shops. We were  please with all the work we had done.

PS anybody need a 4 door 12 cubic gas/electric refig? It is at Fox RV, asking price $2450. about half of the original price. Larry Fox will install it for you.


  1. Very nice job on the table surround! There must have been a lot of measuring going on before the refrigerator was installed. :-)

  2. We are thinking of getting the residential refrigerator, so many questions. What make and model number, is it the same fridge that Lifestyle offers, did Fox RV buy your old norcold?

    1. It is a Samsung model 221. No Fox didn't not buy our old refrigerator, he is selling it for us. Not sure what model Lifestyles is using.