Wednesday, May 15, 2013

South Bend Indiana part 2 the Studebaker Museum

     We drove to the Studebaker Museum. This was a very very interesting museum. We learned a lot about the Studebaker family. The display of cars was terrific. They started with farm wagons in the 1800's. There is group of award winning Presidential Carriages from the family's personnel collection. They had many classics like the "Bullet Nose". Over 400,000 were build and is the Studebaker icon. One thing caught my eye, it was a 1950's green pick up. When I was a young boy my neighbor had one just like it. Brought back many memories. Of course when I was in high school the Avanti made its appearance on the scene. One of the fastest cars at the time. I remember when one of the Avanti's broke the 200 mile an hour barrier. Never knew Studebaker made the "weasel", of World War Two fame. So many great memories. See this web sites for some great stories and information,  Check out all the Studebakers at the "Brickyard", as race cars and pace cars. This is just a sampling of the many cars. Thanks for following along.

There's that lady again, she sure gets around The iconic Bullet Nose.

1904 Model C, oldest surviving gasoline power Studebaker, 2 cylinder, 16 HP, new $1600.

1922 Big Six Child's Hearse

The Big Six, 6 cylinder, 60 HP, new $2,000.

1928 Commander Roadster, set new speed and endurance record in Atlantic City, avg. 65 mph, 6 cylinder, 85 HP

1958 Packark Hawk, only 588 built, V8, 275 HP, $3,995

1963 Avanti, 1st Studebaker to exceed 200 mph, V8, 585 HP, $4,495

1947 Champion Delux, Station Wagon, prototype

1933, #34, inline 8 cylinder, 1932 finished 13th, 1933 finished 7th at Indy.

1964 Pursuit Marshall, high performance police cruiser, used Avanti Jet Thrust engine

1950 Commander Starlight Coupe

1953 Commander Starlight hardtop

The basement storage, they rotate the cars every couple months.

1965 Wagonaire, with sliding rear top. Don't ever remember these.

1936 Ace Cab Forward, made by Studebaker, saw one of these in a collector's yard(junk yard), but he was a collector and restorer of unusual  cars and trucks. That was in Jerome AZ. It had a 4 car car carrier attached. I will try and locate that picture for a comparison.

1963 truck prototype

1959 Lark rear engine portotype

1949 2R5, made from 1949 to53, nearly quarter million sold, 6 cylinder, 80 HP, $1,262

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