Monday, May 6, 2013

Indiana State Fair grounds..April 2013

     We stayed for an overnight at the Indiana State Fair grounds. We know they hold very large RV rallies there, so we decided to stay there for one night. When we got there, a large number of cars were going in. A Radio station, WFMS 95.5,  was having a Country Music Expo. So we got checked in, set up and went to see the Expo. It was about 3 and the last act was at 5. At a cost of $20. each, and since it was almost over we decided to pass. Then something happened. Two Cow Girls approched us and ask if we would like "free" tickets to the show. Sure, what's the catch, is it our good looks or is it because we are in shorts and cowboys and girls don't wear shorts, or are we are just lucky. Well heck no, they work for the radio station and are handing out free tickets. So I wonder how many people paid $20. There were 2 windows open at the ticket booth. Just got to wonder.
      There was a lot of western wear for sale. A large stage with benches and bleacher seating. We did get to see a few singers. All the singers were modern country music artists. Not our favorite type of country music. Glad we didn't have to pay for the tickets.  We saw Jaida Dreyer, Austin Webb and Eric Paslay. They were very loud. Did I say LOUD.

Jaida Dreyer

Austin Webb

Eric Paslay


  1. Been following you guys for awhile. Looking for some helpful advice. We just started full-timing and wondering if Passport America is a good deal or not.
    I notice you guys stay in a lot of private ones so I just thought I would give it a shot.
    One quick other question..I read you met up with some friends named Barry and Donna. Is she in real estate and he in hospital management?
    thanks for any help you might have? BadKat

    1. PA is a great deal, we use it a lot when going from place to place, most are not destinations for us. Not the same Barry and Donna.