Saturday, May 25, 2013

Touring around Nappanee and Shipshewana

     While staying at Pla-Mor RV Park in Bremen we did a road trip around the area. We found a neat country store in Rentown, The store was called  Rentown Country Store.  We did get some great baked goods. They had a 2000 pound block of Mild cheddar cheese.

Over 80 varieties of cheese. They also sell a lot of bulk foods. There is also a small snack  bar.

     We also purchased some good smoked cheese. After leaving the store a short time later we came across a lake named  Lake of the Woods. It was small lake, but power boats were allowed.

  There were a few fishermen on the lake. We found a nice bench along the lakeside and sat and just enjoyed the view and the sunny fresh air for a short time. We were visited by a red wing blackbird. He kept coming back and chirping at us. I think we must have been near his nest.

   We then took another country road and came out near  Amish Acres. There is a round barn  that is now a theater. There are also a number of shops. Its a little touristy, but that's ok as much of this area is touristy. They also have buggy rides. They do have  craft demonstrations, but none were working the day we were there. 

     A short distance from Amish Acres is the Dutch Village Market. There is a very, very large antique, craft and home décor area. It looks like there are 100's of different  consignment booths. You could spent a lot of time looking at all the different items.

     When we were in the Middlebury area we had dinner at Das Dutchman Essenhaus. The dinner is served family style. It is very good. The great thing here is the homemade pies. they have 30 different flavor pies, plus there are 6 that are also available sugar free. Here are some fun facts about Das Dutchman; Restaurant seats 1100, serves over 7,000 on a busy day. Between the bakery and restaurant they may use up to 2,100 dozen eggs, 2,700 pounds white sugar, 3.5 tons of potatoes, 3,600 chickens, 3,090 pounds of roast beef, etc.. One day the bakery produced a record 2,130 pies. In  one week 42 tons of noodles. Some interesting facts.
     We also went to the Guggisberg cheese factory. They make about 40 different type cheeses. You can sample many of them. You can watch them making cheese from 8:00 am  to !2:00 pm. They also sell other Amish goods. 
      Friends Jim and Linda S. told us to go to the Elkhart Visitors Center and get a driving tour CD. Thanks Jim and Linda. It was a great way to tour the area. There are two CD's that make up the driving tour. The CD gives you  a lot of information and history of the area you are driving through.  There were many interesting facts and stories about the Amish and early settlers of the area.
     We did spend some time in Shipshewana. There is a very large flea market that is open on Tuesday's and Wednesday's. There are also a number of craft, souvenir type shops in town, along with a few bulk food stores and cheese/meat shops. Touristy yes, but some really good foods. We got some good bologna and more cheese. The one bulk food store had a super collection of  old toy petal cars, wagons etc..

When in Amish Country there will be "Quilts". This is just a sampling of the 100's we saw.

On the road trip we came across this candy store. The jelly beans are "super size". This was the Wakarusa Dime Store, in Wakarusa.

Then there is the Shipshewana flea market. The buildings hide a lot of the market, but it is a very large flea market, open Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

Thanks for following along. Next a walking tour of Notre Dame University.

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  1. Great tour, das Dutchman essenhaus is really good