Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Beautiful Lancaster County Pennsylvain

   We can never get enough of Lancaster county. We enjoy this area so much that upon our demise, we may have our ashes spread throughout the county. We have had so much joy visiting this area we feel to be part of it. Here are just a few photo's. We have many, many more

This picture looks so great it almost looks fake.

School is out

Check out the colors and all the geese on the pond. Way to many geese to be healthy on the land or in the water. And there are more out of the picture.

Another one of those super great photo's that look to good to be true. But they are, we don't even know how to find or use some of those sites to make fake photo's.

Fall colors.

Thanks for following along

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  1. Beautiful country, we will have to visit sometime.