Sunday, November 24, 2013

Chevy HHR 54,000 miles +, time for some maintenance

                          PA temp low 20*w/35 mph winds, gust to 45 mph.

We try to maintain all equipment on schedule set by the manufactures. So it is  time for some maintenance on our HHR. We have a little over 54,000 miles on the odometer.  #1 Time to flush the transmission and replace the fluid. #2  Time to replace 4 tires. #3  Time for an alignment  #4 time for and oil change. An unexpected item was new brakes and rotors and two filters. Wow that's a lot of maintenance all at once, but I believe in preventive maintenance.  Sure puts a big dent in our budget. The total  cost was over $1100. We have to weigh the expense of traveling with a second vehicle. Everything is a trade off. Does it pay us to travel with an extra vehicle?  We have been asked that question many times.  We will continue this topic in another post.

                     Tonight lows in the teens with 20-25 mph winds


  1. Your weather sounds terrible. 45 mph winds - makes for a mean chill factor. Jim and I have always said that we didn't retire so we could travel in separate vehicles. We both hated it when we had the motorhome and I would follow along behind with the truck and boat.

    1. Our biggest dislike is not traveling in the same vehicle

  2. Has been some weather you guys have been having. Preventive maintenance is a good idea, but expensive.