Friday, November 8, 2013

Linda got a new Nook HD

      Linda wanted a new Nook HD. So we went to Barnes and Noble and checked them out. Very impressed with the Nook HD. So we priced them and the cover for it. We then decided to buy one. The total price was about $220. So we went home and ordered Barnes and Noble discounted gift cards for $225.  See yesterdays blog.  We order $225. in discount cards with a 12% discount. The cost was $198., a $27 discount. The cards arrived in 3 days. The following  day we went to Barnes and Noble and purchased a Nook with a cover. Linda is very happy with her Nook and has already subscribe to some magazines. She has also been sending some emails and getting use to using it. It is an amazing little device. All her books were transfer to her new Nook. Now she has to decide what to do with her old Nook. I'm for selling it, but someone else may have other thoughts. But the full timers policy is something in something out. So something has to go and I hope its nothing of mine.
     She can connect to the internet through our Jetpac/mifi or wherever we have Wifi.   Our Jetpac can handle up to 10 devices. O boy! we can now be like a modern family and both be on the internet at the same time. We can even email each other and not have to talk to one another.  I know there may be times when she doesn't want to speak to me, but can these devices give that "look". You know what I mean. The look is a lot more intimidating then the silence.
     Boy o boy are we becoming high tech or what. Last month new smart phones, and texting became a new word in are vocabulary. Now a new Nook HD which is a lot more then an electronic reader. , what's next. I see outer space as a possibility, but can we get there in our RV.


  1. I have that old original NOOK and I still love it. Now I need to go look at upgrading. Maybe for Christmas.

  2. We both have old Kindles and like them. Don't tell Jo about the HD models :-)