Friday, November 15, 2013

More Pictures from Lancaster County

     We truly enjoy Lancaster County. I believe if God had 8 or 9 days there would be more areas like this.  While driving around I  believe we did see the gang from the reality show "Amish Mafia". In many of the stores they are selling "t" shirts with "Amish Mafia" printed on them. Nothing is safe any more from the TV producers. So sit back and enjoy the pictures.

This is pig heaven, did you ever see a pig this big

That is a women driving the team of horses

Kids waving

Beautiful sun colored sky


  1. It truly is a beautiful area but I've found that the USA is beautiful no matter where we go. I am just so grateful that we have had the opportunity to visit and see so much of this land.

  2. Nice pics. I thought it would be colder and less green there by now.