Monday, November 4, 2013

Beautiful View out our window in Lancaster county

We are in beautiful Lancaster county PA. This is the view out our dinning room window.

The last time we were here these sites were full.  Many RVer's move on to warner climates.
How would you like to live in this farm?  Enlarge from the photo below, its in the center of the  picture behind those trees.

From our dinning room window.

Thanks for following along. Last night it was 28* here, A little to cold for us, but we hope to move to a warner climate sooooon.


  1. I love empty, beautiful campgrounds but I don't like the 28. Time to move south.

  2. Fall in Pennsylvania really is beautiful but here's hoping all of us can move south soon! 28 here too -brrrrr...

  3. Better get a move on pretty soon. Winter is coming...

  4. 28, going to be 22 overnight here in Abilene we both need to head south.