Saturday, November 2, 2013

How to plan were to go and were to stay

     A couple of question we are often ask as full time RVer's are, "how do you plan were to travel' and "how do you plan on were to stay". Also how do you find some of the neat places and events in your travels. These questions are usually from part time RVer's, but many times from none RVer's.  Well the short answers are, travel to a warn climate in winter and a cool climate in summer. We try to stay in membership parks along our travel route and at our destination. But and that's a large but there is a lot of planning on our part to make those simple answers work.
    For example in the summer we choose a place were we plan on spending the winter. Take last winter, we planned on being in Florida for our winter destination. We had a rally schedule in Myrtle Beach SC. So we planned our time to arrive there a week before the rally started. On the way we stopped at a Passport America membership park. Then before the rally started we stayed at a Coast To Coast membership park for a week in North Myrtle Beach. After the rally we wanted to visit the cities of Charleston and Savannah. We choose two Passport America membership parks by each city and stayed a week in each.  Then we went to Florida and stayed at two other membership parks. In between we stopped at a few non membership parks. The reason we try to stay at membership parks is because of a reduced rate.
   The routes we usually travel on have become more interstates highway then in the pass.  In the passed we usually choose secondary routes, to see more small towns and interesting things.  But since we have purchased our larger RV we are traveling larger roads.  Also since we now travel with a car, we use the car to do a lot more touring of the areas we are traveling through. Another note about our route. If we have no firm schedule we seek out other interesting things along the way, even if it is a slight detour. We also try to travel without reservations. This is difficult in the summertime. We like the shoulder seasons, Spring and Fall, but even these seasons are getting crowed. One spring season we found out a new word in our travel vocabulary, "spring break". In Texas we found all schools from elementary school to college have spring break. We had to scramble to get a site at a Corp of Engineers Park.
      Another note about were we stay. We have pretty much gave up a lot of boondocking. For our none RVing friends, that is RVing without hookups to water, electric and sewage. These locations are usually in super areas in National parks or forests etc. Then there is "blacktop camping". These are places like Wal-Mart's or Home depots that allow overnight stays. We don't do Wal-Mart's or other similar stores unless in an emergency. We will do Casino's, as they do have good security overall. Many casino's also have RV parking area's or RV parks. This is especially true of Indian Casino's in the Midwest and West. Boondocking is roughing it.  For us anymore, roughing it is 30 amp electric without sewer hook ups. Our RVing friends will know what I'm talking about.
    This sure got a lot longer then I thought. But if you were here I could sit down with you and go over all this in more detail.  If anyone has any question about how we get from point A to point B just email us and we will try to give you our answers to your question. Many RVer's have many different way to travel. We also welcome their comments.
   On another blog, and I can't find the blog again, I guess you should put things like this in your favorites, there was information about a mosquitoes alert site.  The site is found on the Weather Channel web site. You can put in the date and area your are traveling through and get the mosquito forecast. Now if they only had something like that for "stink bugs".

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