Saturday, September 14, 2013

Still in PA

    This week started our 4th week in PA. It feels like we just arrived. Our first visit with the boy's and their wives was a pizza party at Cy's. We all made our pizza's with the many different toppings. Cy baked them in his outdoor brick oven. What a great first visit back home.
      Since we arrived we had a total of  10 doctor visits or medical test between us.  We both have more visits with our doctors scheduled. We do have visits schedule as far as the 15th of October. And I know there will be others not yet scheduled. We are trying to keep the medical community well funded. Bob has 3 doctor visit scheduled and Linda has 2 visits scheduled. We are getting the 100,000 mile check up. We will keep you posted of results
    We did get to have lunch with friends Dave and Liz who were headed back to FL. Received an email they arrived safe and  sound at their home. Also had lunch with cousin Jane and her husband Nick. Can't meet with them without a million laughs from Nick. He should be a stand up comedian. Had a surprise visit from Sue and Bill members of the Carriage Club. We had met them in Florida. They recognized our rig and stopped by for a visit. Spent 2 evening with them swapping tales. We still have a number of friends and relatives we want to get together with before we head south.
    We hope to leave the Pocono's by mid October and start to head south.


  1. Catching up with friends and family is a good thing, all those medical visits, not so much. Hope you can leave the middle of October, remind us again where in Florida you go.

    1. Somewhere in the Orlando area for a while, then ?