Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Unblievable wildlife photos

While camping at Thousand Trails/Outdoor World Timothy Lake we captured this photo. We believe it to be Punxsutawney Phil of Pennsylvania fame and celebrity  status. He is the best know groundhog  in these parts, and maybe in the whole U.S. He is sunning himself on a large boulder behind our RV. It was a beautiful fall day and he is making the best of it. I just wonder does he use sun screen and what number.

You can see he is just relaxing. We tried to get an autograph, but he took off saying something about paparazzi's being a pain in the butt. These photo's show just how smart wildlife really is. Is this considered a animal using a tool? He is using the rock to warn his soul, kind of like a tool. In some areas he is also know as a woodchuck or whistle pig.

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  1. We had a groundhog here this summer that took her young and spent the nights inside the bottom of the other volunteers motorhome. He wasn't too fond of them using his MH as a tool. ;)