Friday, September 20, 2013

A wonderful visit from a few friends.

   What a wonderful surprise. Two couples from our Carriage Club stopped by for a visit. They were both at the Grand National Carriage Rally in Goshen Indiana. Friends Diane and Jerry J. from New York stopped by on their way home for a few days. Also Pat and Dave H., full timers stopped by for a three week stay. We reminisced and learned a new card game Diane and Gerry taught us. It was called "Canadian Salad". We had a lot of laughs for  two nights playing it. Bob is working on a new version of the game he hopes to reveal in Florida this winter. We'll see. Some people are never happy leaving well enough alone. But then where would we be if we just accept what wonderful folks showed us. So in the pursuit of gamesmanship Bob will toil on for a new and improved game of "Canadian Salad" call ___________, to be announced in Florida this winter.   But all kidding aside we had a great visit.

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