Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Pierogies and potato pancakes(bleenie's), our soul food

     Growing up in eastern Pennsylvania and being of Slovak and Hungarian decent Bob and Linda Pennsylvania Dutch,  pierogies were part of our weekly menu. These are an ethnic food that has captured many nationalities. Many of the catholic church's in our area would have pierogies sales for a fund raiser. During Lent these sales were weekly in many of the local churches. Unfortunately    many of the elderly ladies of the churches no longer make these food treats. There are still some limited sales but not as many as there use to be. While shopping at a local food store in the Pocono's who were celebrating their 25th anniversary and had many samples of food items they sold. One of these was T and L pierogies.  One taste and we were hooked. They make 8 different type pierogies. You can see more here  The biggest differences between these and the homemade church pierogies is these are frozen. But they are great and are almost as good as the church pierogies we grew up with
     The store was also giving samples of their T and L's homemade potato pancakes or bleenie's. We did buy a 2lb container. The pancakes also come as large as 4 gallon containers.  Linda did make the potato pancakes and they were just ok. Not near as good as hers or our daughter-in-law Dawn's. Oh by the way Dawn, I could go for some of your good homemade potato pancakes. If I get them, she reads our blog. I'll let you know.

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