Monday, September 23, 2013

Our Blog has a new look, blogging, KOA's

     Hi, we thought we needed a blog change. So Linda picked the new  back ground color . Tell us what you think.  We have now posted over 500 blog post. Since 1/1/2013 we have over 51,000 hits on our blog. We have 45 readers that signed up to be blog followers. So we thought it was time for a little change.
      On our travels out west and our hurried journey back to PA we stayed at 3 different KOA's. Usually we avoid KOA's because of their price. We don't like paying $30-35 or more per night to just plug into electric. So we pick a park in barginland if we can find one. That is why we use Passport America a lot when traveling. But a Passport America  park may not always be along our route. At the price of diesel and gas, going to far out of the way is not cost effect to save $10-15 dollars. So we used some KOA's that were right within a mile or so of our route. We do not use Wal-Mart's as many RVer's do. We do use casino's for free or low prices parking, but they, in most cases, have very good security. In 40 + years of Rving we only stayed 3 times at unsecure places like a Wal-Mart, and that was in emergency situations.   Two were flying "J's" and a Cracker Barrel.  This is our choice. I know I will hear from some RVer's that blacktop camp, but that is their choice.  We are usually off  the road by 2 in the afternoon and don't want to sit in a parking lot. In our opinion this is not boon docking. Boom docking is parking in some of America's beautiful National Parks and National forest, etc. I know I'll get some emails or comments about this post, but again I repeat this is our opinion and option.
   The reason I started this post about staying at KOA's is because KOA is now listing their RV parks in 3 different categories.  The 3 new categories  are Journey, Holiday and Resort. You can read more about their new categories on their web site. I guess the one's we stayed at on our recent journey were "Journeys'"
      Wow did I get off topic. I started this blog to talk about blogging. We have change our blog look a little. But I an having problems with changing our picture at the top of the blog. The present photo is from our trip to Alaska looking down on Salmon Glacier just outside of Hieder Alaska.  We want to add a more recent photo. We are also having problems adding a 2013 map of our travels. The biggest problem there is no one at Google we can call and talk to. Not being very computer savvy is my problem. I am self taught on the little I can do. We will work on our small problems and in the mean time continue with what we have.   Maybe one of our blog followers can help. We blog so we have a journal of our travels and to let family and friends keep up with our travels. In the passed several weeks we have had several people tell us they travel vicariously through us. I wonder if we can charge for vicarious travel. Just kidding. But another change you may notice in our blog are a few adds appearing our pages. These adds are by Google. We are paid each time someone clicks on then. We have very little control over what adds they place. We did opt out of some controversy categories.  Hopefully no one will be offended by any of the adds.


  1. Blogger can be very confusing and there is really no way to contact them but I still like their blog setup better than WordPress. Anyway try this for changing your picture-

    Right click on "Design" in the upper right corner
    Right click on "Layout"
    Right click on the edit on "Bob and Linda's RV Travels"
    "Configure Header" will popup - this is the hard part because you have to adjust the size of your picture to fit in the space. I always have to try many times before I get it to the right size but if you can look at the properties of your current picture and find the size that helps a lot.

    Good luck! Hope this was a little helpful.

    I like the new look!

  2. For google maps we have found that if you have too many waypoints it causes the map to go wacky. That is why we have broken our yearly maps into two. You might try that.

    BTW like the new look