Friday, September 27, 2013

A new electroic gadget in our life - a Mifi or Jet Pack

    As full time RVer's we depend on our computer quite a bit. I can't believe I just said that. About 15 years ago I didn't even know how to turn on a computer, and even worst I didn't want anything to do with them. When our son Mark was taking charge of our business, one of the first things he did was start to incorporate the use of computers in things like payroll, estimates, etc. to my disapproval. My disapproval was short lived when I saw he could do our payroll in minutes and even print the checks. This usually took Linda an hour or two every week. Wow! what else can that thing do? I was hooked , but to proud to admit it at first. But now it is a very important part of our life. We use it to do our banking, check our credit cards and of course "surf", without water. Aside from surfing we book reservations, keep in touch with family and friend. We also Blog. This is why an internet connection is so important to us. Hence the need for a "hotspot".
    I wasn't sold on the idea of another electric gadget until a visiting friend bought one, and let me hook up to his hot spot. Thanks Dave H. from our Carriage Club. I was very impressed with the speed of this new gadget. Of course when we went to the Verizon store we also purchased new cell phones, as we were ready for an update. Isn't that nice of Verizon to tell us we were now eligible for an update. So a few hundred dollars later we now have a super "hotspot" and new smart phones. This is a really big step for us, as at one point we didn't know how to set that forever blinking lite on the front of our VCR player. We waited for one of the kids to come to the house to set that blinking light on the VCR.  But I am very impressed with the fast internet connection. Thanks Dave.
    With our smart phones we can now "text". Oh, my. We are getting to technical. We haven't texted yet, but will give it a try in the near future.  We just feel we would rather "talk" then "text" to someone. Can't understand the rage of texting. But we also don't play video games, other then the simple ones installed on our computer when we purchased it. We like to believe we are "with it", but I'm not sure what that means any more.


  1. My wife Tracy fought texting for years, she would send our daughters emails and wonder why it took so long for them to respond. Now she has texting and loves it. Enjoy your new found electronic gadgets!

  2. Ok So what is this new "gadget"??????

  3. Do you still need help with putting up a new header?

    1. Yes Judy. I tried what Karen and Tony subjected, but It still didn't work.

  4. Can't imagine life without our jet pack. If we didn't text we would never hear from our child. They don't email or talk anymore. I'm actually posting this from my phone which is amazing to me.

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