Monday, October 7, 2013

Mor/ryde super service.

    I sent the below email to the president of the Carriage Club to be read or posted at the Grand National Rally this pass September held in Goshen IN. Many of you where not at that rally, so I though I post it hear.

     Earlier this month we were on emergency medical trip on our way back to PA from the state of WA. At a rest stop in SD I did my routine check of the truck, RV and car when I noticed a problem with a rear tire on the 5er. The edge of the tire was worn very badly. The tire was ruined. Darn, we just had the IS and disc brakes installed. We only had maybe 1500 miles since the installation. Must be out of alignment. I didn't want to put on the spare and ruin that tire also. The tire was still safe to drive on, but we would stop more often to keep checking on it. Of course this happened on Friday evening. I called Mor/ryde and left a message for Gary Wheeler telling him we would be at their shop on Monday. We changed our route to Elkhart. On Monday morning we got a call from Gary saying they were very busy and couldn't work us in this week. I told him we were on our way and would be there by 2 in the afternoon and can they at least take a look at the problem.
   We arrived at Mor/ryde about 1:45. Gary comes out and takes a look at the tire. He believes its a broken belt in the tire. Gary goes and get Ben(I believe that's his name) the plant manager. He agrees with Gary that's it a tire problem. Here we go the "big shuffle". BUT, Ben says since your here we will check the alignment. Back into one of our sites and spend the night and we'll see you in the morning. We will work you in between jobs tomorrow. So 8 o'clock there is a knock on our door. "We are ready for you". We get back into a bay and they go to work on checking the alignment. Everything is right on with the alignment. They said they would put on the spare. I ask since you are taking the tire off can I take it to a Goodyear dealer and get a replacement. So they put in in our truck and off we go. Goodyear gives us 50% off on a new tire. Back to Mor/ryde and they put it on and pull us our of the service bay.  I go in to pay the bill, and they say sign here to show the work was completed. The charge is 0 dollar's. Wow! We tied up a service bay for about 6 hours and a service teck for about 3 hours. How is that for customer service?  They even offer to buy us lunch. By far the very best customer service we received in years. This is going above and beyond. A VERY BIG TUMBS UP TO GARY WHEELER AND MOR/RYDE

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  1. Fantastic! What a great story. It is nice to hear those good accounts of helpful people. Thanks for sharing. Too often we hear about the other kind. Well done.