Wednesday, October 9, 2013

The story of the electric mattress pad

         About six years ago we purchased an electric mattress pad. Works like and electric blanket except this is put on the mattress under the sheet and you sleep on it. When we purchased this pad we were in an area that was chilly. The model we purchase has duel controls. It worked great to warm the sheets. We would turn it on an hour or so before we would go to bed. It warned the sheets but wasn't hot. It felt good to crawl into a warn bed. Well we put this pad away about six years ago. Here in the Pocono's it is getting cooler then we like. But because of all the medical things going on with us we are still  here. So we got out the electric pad.  Hoped it worked after all this time. Plugged it in and presto, it worked. I put it on high and about a half hour later crawl into a warn bed.  It works great and because we donated all our flannel sheets was a god sent. . Didn't think we needed the flannel sheets again. Remember we live in an RV and don't keep unnecessary items. But fortunately we kept the electric mattress pad.
     Unfortunately we didn't keep any heavy jackets. We did donate a couple of heavy jackets and a brand new parka. Also didn't think we would every need them again. Hopefully our sweatshirts and light weigh jackets will keep us warn and we will  be able to head south before it get much  colder. Had a few nights in the low 40's and high 30's. It is warning up during the day to the 60's and 70's  and is making for a beautiful Fall day.  But we know after Fall comes winter, and for us this is not were we want to be much longer.

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