Sunday, October 6, 2013

Nothing to post about.

    Even with all the pasted weeks excitement I find little to post about. We have this blog to post about our travel adventures. The thing is we have been sitting still in one spot now for two months. I admire some of the other blogs I follow and how they find something to blog about every day.
    Our sons are very concerned about us. Thank you for your concerns. . They have concerns because of our life style.  They  would feel a lot better if we were stationary near them. But and this is  a big but, we are not ready for the rocking chair. There are to many places for us to explore. If we get an ok from our doctors we will continue our gypsy lifestyle. We are not ready to hang up the keys. We look at the passed  couple of months as just a bump in the road.  I do believe our lifestyle helps keep us young. We feel young in both mind and body. We can't do some of the things we used to do, but we want to keep moving.  Linda pushes and I pull and we get things done. As a matter of fact when I was in the hospital one of the nurses ask me if I was Robert, because she said she was looking for someone 70 years old and didn't think it was me. Well after my head swelling settled down I told her it was "I". The next day the head nurse on my floor said there was a note in their computer that said "Bob doesn't look his age" and probably doesn't act it. After that they had to take me back to emergency to combat my severe case of "head swelling".  Then a physical therapist came in to see if I could walk. I had to walk down the hall to prove I could walk. I asked "how was that", he didn't reply. I know there are a lot of folks my age that are in better shape then I am.  But we are not ready to stop traveling. We don't know how many more tomorrows we have left, and we are hoping that last sunset is a long way off.  Wow was that a rant.
      This week we have very little scheduled.  I, Bob have a appointment with the neurologist and Linda has an appointment for a mammogram.  I do have to get blood work done on Monday, then depending on the results may need to get it tested later in the week. We do have other doctor appointments later in the month and into next month. Till then not to much to update. I am feeling ok with no pain.
      Wow and I said I have nothing to blog about.


  1. Here's to seeing you both on down the road!

  2. At our ages, we all have bumps in the road. That doesn't mean we have to give up what we love. We may have to slow down a little bit but that's okay. I think it's kind of fun that it's finally the kids turn to worry about us. lol We will be back in Apache Junction on Tuesday and we will be sitting and living so my blogging will be very sparse. I just cannot find anything to write about every day when we aren't traveling. And I know we will see you on the road.

  3. I do know what you mean about the blogging. When I am sitting for a while, I do what you just did - an update blog about what you have been doing.
    Hopefully all will be well and you will be on the road again heading towards warmer weather. Hugs - :-)

  4. When we met earlier this year we did not realize Bob was 70, see you on the road.