Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Security in blogging

    I received an email from a  friend that asked me why I don't usually use the last names of people in our blogs. I do this as a security measure. Not everybody I blog about wants the world to know where they are. Anything posted online is open to everybody, and they are not always good people. I also try to talk about things that happened in the passed, not today or where we or someone is going to be traveling to.
    Let me give you a good example and a lesson to me. We were in Alaska sitting in the lounge of a boat when a stranger approached and ask if we were Bob and Linda. What a shock. Who was this guy and how did he know our names. Turns out he was following our blog. Dummy me blog about what we were going to do that day. The boat had only about 15 other people on at the time. Of course our picture was on our blog so he had no problem identifying us. Turns our he was a fellow RVer,  but was staying at a different RV park then we were. But I learned a lesson, don't be to specific on things you are doing today or tomorrow.

       Note Again several albums and photo's have disappeared from our blog. Don't know why or how to find them and restore them to my blog.

     Thanks for following along.

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  1. I'm usually so far behind in posting our blog that who knows where we are. One of the things I like about our spot here in AZ is that it really is a secure neighborhood. Everybody knows everybody and strangers are always questioned. But I agree, last names should not be used without permission. But since our last name is on the blog ours is out there for the world to see. Oh well.