Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Stink Bugs

        Stink bugs are a stinky topic. Just when we thought we wouldn't see any stink bugs this year here in the Pocono's, bang there they are .So far we saw just  a few, but that's a few to many. Last years plague when we were in Hershey Pa was unbelievable. It was probably six months till we rid ourselves of theses stinky critters.  Don't know were they hide. We emptyed compartments and looked for them with no luck. We found them in our slide out seals, but like I said it took about six months till we rid ourselves of them. Now here in the Pocono's we found a few trying to hitch a ride. How do they know we are heading for a warmer climate.
     We only captured one of these stinky bugs inside and about 6 outside walking on our rig. I believe these are scouts. When you kill them the stink attracts the colony. We heard there now is a spray to kill them. Hope there is a spray to keep them away. We hope the few we saw and eliminated are all we get.


  1. I smashed a huge stink bug outside my rig in Georgia last year. A real mistake. The 'stink' brought bugs from miles around!

  2. StinkBugs, oh my. Last year, we left PA in November and we were still finding those bugs in our RV in April in Arizona. They must have hid EVERYWHERE!