Sunday, October 27, 2013

Our New Verizon Smart Phones

      Sometime this week we hope to have a class on our new "smart phones".  There are so many features on these phones we can do other then make a call.  We have to go to school to learn some of them. Friends Dianna and Jerry from our Carriage club also purchased new smart phones and mentioned how useful the class was for  them. No longer is it a phone. It is a mini computer, it is so smart. This is my second smart phone, but this one went to college. When Linda turned in her flip phone the girls helping us just laughed. I think the old flip phone was older then one of the girls.
   There is a new word in our vocabulary, "texting". Wow, now you don't have to talk to your family and friends, just "text" them. We are a little old fashion on some things and it may take a while to get use to texting. I know there are some cases when you would rather not to talk to someone and texting may be an option.
    Well after two cancellations for a "class" on our new cell phones we finally had our day of learning. We did learn a lot about the phone itself. There is still a lot to learn. We can make a call, take a photo, download the photo's to our computer, or is that a upload, check our plan usage, etc., etc., etc.. our heads are spinning.  But little by little we are getting use to our new phones.
     Linda already blinged her phone, making it her own. Now be patient with us if we don't get back to you in a timely fashion if you text us.

Thanks for following along.

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  1. We learned to text several years ago because that is the only way our 20 something year old child would communicate with us. He hates to actually talk on the phone so we text. Can't imagine life without our smart phones now.