Thursday, October 31, 2013

Dingmen's Falls-Delaware Water Gap National Recreation Area

      About 15 miles from Outdoor World Timothy Lake RV Resort is Dingman's Falls in the Delaware National Recreation Area, part of Delaware National Park. One nice Fall day we decided to check out the falls. We had to wait till the Government shut down was over to visit the falls. It was a perfect Fall day.  We were in for a great site for our eyes.

Note the different size in the leafs

Silver Thread Falls

The main waterfalls

Part of the many many stairs to the top. After getting about half way up, I remember I just got out of the hospital and was suppose to take it easy. So I took my time back down. But I was feeling quite good.

This photo was taken from the stairway.

A quit pool

I wonder who lifes in here

Falling leaves and the great boardwalk That is along about 85% of the walk to the falls.

Thanks for following along

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