Saturday, July 6, 2013

Copper Harbor back to Houghton

  After leaving Copper Harbor we took a different route back to Houghton to see the other side of the Peninsula.
Another lighthouse, this one is Mendota. There are a large number of lighthouse around the great lake.

Along the east shore

The town of Guy

Along the road through the towns of Lake Linden and Hubbel.

This dredge reminded us of the few dredges similar to this one that we saw in Alaska.

A different car lot.

On the way out and back along the peninsula we can across several water falls.

We also saw many wildflowers

More to come from the area. Thanks for following along.


  1. Lupines are one of my favorite flowers.

  2. Can't get "Dennis Moore Dennis Moore" out of my head every time I see lupins