Saturday, July 13, 2013

Tamarac Wildlife Refuge

When we check into Forest Lakes resort we discovered we were about 25 miles from Tamarac National Wildlife Refuge. One of our favorite bloggers was volunteering at Tamarac. We have been following her blog for several years. Wow, lets go over and surprise her. We did get to meet her and had a shot visit. She was working the day we arrived. You can see her blog here,  Travels with Emma
The refuge is 43,000 acres. see
We were lucky to see many water foul babies.

This was a very long distance photo, and we believe these are eagles.

This was in another section of the refuge, and this is an eagle, again a very long distance photo.

The loon is the state bird of MN, and we very fortunate to see one,  especially with babies.

Hopping a ride.

We also had a treat seeing these baby swans.

At a different lake we saw this swan with her babies

This was a super stop for us, as we met a super blogger and got to see sum amazing wildlife. Thanks for following along.

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  1. I'm glad you got to see all the wildlife you did. And if you were real lucky, you didn't find any ticks on you. ;) I recognize that nest, and it is the home of two new little ospreys.