Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fort Peck Dam

     We stopped at Glasgow MT to visit Fort Peck Dam and Reservoir. We wanted to stay at the Corp of Engineers RV Park, but there was a fishing tournament and fish fry being held and the park was full. So we found a park in Glasgow about 15 miles from the dam.  We did take part in the fish fry but didn't stay for the tournament weight in.

      We  did visit the Interpretive Center and Museum. There is a great display of prehistoric dinosaurs found in the Hell Creek Geological Formation.

    We also signed up for a tour of the powerhouse. Our tour guide was very informative. We toured powerhouse one and two. Then we went outside to see the tunnels and outflow. NO PHOTO"S on the tour, Linda's heart was sadden. 

     Some facts about the dam.  The world's largest hydraulically filled dam, the 2nd largest dam in the U.S. and the 8th largest dam in the world. The lake formed behind the dam is 134 miles long with 1520 miles of shoreline. Its maximum width is 16 miles and its maximum depth is 220 feet. You can see a more information about the dam at

The dam spillway, only used 5 times since the gates of the dam were closed in 1937.

The lake and the dam. You can drive across the dam.

Hollyhocks blooming

The old Fort Peck hotel

The Fort Peck Theater

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