Saturday, July 27, 2013

Glacier National Park

   We have been to a good number of National Parks and Glacier rates in the top 5. It would be very hard for us to choose which one would be number one, but Glacier is a contender. Pictures do not do justice to the beauty of this park.  Linda took over 500 pictures.  We did come here during the height of the wildflowers blooming. All over there was something blooming. In the middle of July there was still a little snow along the "going to the sun road".  This is the height of the tourist season but the only place that was crowed was Logan Pass visitors center. But we were lucky to get a spot. We stayed at Glacier Meadows RV Park in East Glacier. The park was about 15 miles west of East Glacier. We did one road trip from the RV Park to the east entrance of GNP, thru GNP and out the west entrance and back to the RV. A trip of about 150 miles. It was a long day. The lady staying aside of us at the RV Park told us to leave early and pack a lunch and plenty of water if planning on hiking any of the trails. she said there is nowhere in the park for lunch other then at the entrances . There were 100's of great picnic spots through out the park.  Other days we visited both the east and west sides of the park. We did want to stay a few extra days, but our park was full and we couldn't extend. Called several other parks in the area, and the same thing.  One had a few spots, but we were to big to get into them. So we moved on, a reason to come back. We don't like making reservations. We like to travel willy-nilly. But this is vacation time and a very popular tourist area so reservations are necessary. We will add some photo's, but they do not do justice to the beauty of the park. Some things you have to experience for yourself. We fell extremely blessed to have had the privilege to be able to do this in so many places in this amazing  country of ours.

Our first short hike. The water is snow melt so you can imagine how cold it is.

Another hike, to a small water fall. It was about a1.5 miles one way.

Note the red bus. There must be 50 of these restored buses. This East Glacier and Two Medicine Lake

One of the lodges, note the size of the trees used.

Views from the Going To The Sun Road

Along one of our hikes, a field of wildflowers

Along the "going to the sun road"
 Note the snow, remember this is July. Note all the red buses, this is the full parking lot at Logan Pass.

We wanted to hike to Hidden Lake, but see the sign. So we decided to hike to the Hidden Lake Overlook. We were informed there is some snow on the trail. It starts out with a boardwalk that is steep in places and has a lot of steps. Some of the steps were a little high. The snow was very slippery as it was packed from people walking on it. Also it was slushy from melting. Linda took a break a little back further as the steps were bothering her hips. After I slipped several times on the slush/snow I turned back.
 Linda waiting for me. I should have taken her walking stick so I had two to travel over the snow.  See the EMT's heading in to get someone. Not sure what happened. Note the unique stretcher.

From the going to the sun road.

A few mule deer, see the one running through the creek.

Thanks for following along.


  1. Linda took some beautiful pictures even if they don't do the park justice! We haven't been Glacier for years but I think a visit is in our future. Looks like the glacier is almost completely gone.

  2. Even if the pictures don't do the scenery justice we really want to visit. We plan next summer.