Saturday, July 13, 2013

Detroit Lakes MN and area

This area is a big vacation spot in MN. There are over 400 lakes in the area. The town has 50 Sunfish Sculptures around town. We found a few just checking out the area.

There is a small county museum with local artifacts.

Saw this guy on Roadside America website. This is "old three legs". Under photo is the story of Old Three Legs, copied from the Becker County Museum handout.

Indian beadwork

While at the museum we saw an add for this show and said "why not". Glad we did, it was a super show.

After a two hour show, the band move to the ballroom and played for another two hours for dancing.

Needed to check out this place, that is the Seven Sisters Spirits, not the chair.

A really big chair.

The "spirits" side was also really big.

In the area a couple more finds from Roadside America website. In the town of Vergas is the 20 foot loon, the state bird of Minnesota.

And this turkey, the worlds largest in Frazee.
 Just came across this old station on some back road.

Detroit Lakes was a nice stop over the 4th of July. Thanks for following along.


  1. Looks like an area we need to visit.

  2. The Texaco station is just down the road from my home near Vergas :)