Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Pasty Festival and finial days in the UP

We went to a Pasty Fest with fellow blogger Bob and Jo that we met at Houghton City RV Park.  The festival was held in the town of Calumet. Now I know some one out there is asking, what are pasties?
Here is the story

There was a small parade to start the festival.

The Copperdogs are sled dogs. In the area they have a number of dog sled races. These dogs are some  huskies, don't want to miss quote their name. See the blue eyes .

Pasties being brought in for judging for the best of the Fest.

Calumet is a neat old town. We took a walk around town to see some of the old building.

 Bob and Jo are pasty experts and know were the good ones are sold in the area. So we went to Roy's for our first pasty. Bob and I had a "traditional" which was made with rutabaga, pork, beef, onion and seasonings. Linda and JO  had a chicken cheese and broccoli.  They were very good. We took two frozen ones home with us. Linda a cheese, chicken  and broccoli and I got a turkey dinner, which is turkey, cranberries, potatoes and seasonings. The pasties were the end of a good day. 
    This is our finial post from the Upper peninsula of Michigan. We have spent a lot of time in MI and really enjoyed the Upper Peninsula.  I,  Bob learned to enjoy fresh asparagus purchased from local farmers markets. This is a first for Bob. Another first was pasties made with rutabaga. These were great, but I didn't care to much for the smoked fish chowder. It was ok, but I'll pass on it in the future.
     We do hope to return in the future. We really liked the Houghton  area. The city park was a super spot to spend a month or two, but don't tell anyone. The park only has 22 sites.
     Since we left Michigan  we only spent one night in Wisconsin  and about a week in Minnesota  and are now in North Dakota . We are just a mile from Theodor Roosevelt National Park. We do have a number of blogs to catch up with. We are touring and traveling faster them we are blogging. But we will keep posting. I admire fellow bloggers that find time almost every day to post. We have 3 or 4 stops planned for Montana and then onto Washington were we plan on spending at least a month touring the state.    
   Thanks for following along, and be patient, we will some day get caught up.


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