Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Quincy Mine tour

The Quincy mine tour, museum and tram ride is an interesting history tour of copper mining on Keweenaw Peninsula. The Copper Rush started about 6 years before the California gold Rush. The Quincy mine started in 1848. The Steam Hoist is the largest in the world. It transported men into the mine and copper oar out. Most of the mine is owned and operated by the Quincy Mine Association. Just looking around you can see a need for funding the upkeep of the artifacts.

Bob is smiling and enjoying the day, but

that doesn't look like a happy face. I guess the hard hat is messing her hair.

The tram ride to the opening into the mine. The only cog-rail tram in the Midwest. A Little steep

A good view of the lift bridge between Houghton and Hancock.

The red item is a lift that takes the men into and out of the mine. The mine is 9,260 feet deep.

The cable drum of the steam hoist, check out the size

Needs restoring, at least  under cover. With up to 300 inch's of snow a year, it could use a covered roof

See how the weather is taking it's toll. The wooden parts are  falling apart, and the top of the coal tender is rusted away.


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  1. Jo won't go on this tour so I may go with someone or by myself.