Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Delayed in Washington, medical problems

   Hi, just a quick update. Remember all the problems Bob had with a tooth. Well more problems. Friday he got a very bad tooth ache, were the tooth use to be. What the heck? Got here Friday late and called 3 dentist. This is a small town of about 2000. They were all out. Left messages. Didn't get any call backs and Saturday the pain was extremely bad, Bob couldn't talk, eat, drink and had a hard time swallowing.  So I drove him to the ER in this tiny town, to a tiny hospital. Short wait and got some meds and told to see a dentist on Monday. Saturday afternoon a Dentist called us. Told him the problem and he said I'll meet you at my office in half an hour. Off we went. After a few x-rays and exam he said I can't find anything. Not what we wanted to hear. He set up an appointment for Bob with an Oral Surgeon for Monday afternoon in Spokane, about 50 miles from here. So off we went. After the paper work in we went. More x-rays and an exam. Good and bad news. Not a dental problem, probably nerve damage. Have to see a Neurologist. Told us to get in touch with our Primary doctor to call in special meds and refer us to a Neurologist. Called our doctor and he is on vacation. Called the oral surgent back, told him the problem. He stepped in and called in our meds and acted as our primary and got us an appointment with a neurologist for August 5th. The new pain meds are helping. Still a lot of pain, but eating and drinking better. Can talk a little, and writing notes to communicate. The 5th is going to be a long wait, but nothing else we can do for now. Bob has seen 6 dentist and 2 oral surgeons in the passed 4 years for this problem. Saw a dentist in 2010 in TX, then in FL 2 dentist and an oral surgeon, and 2 dentists  in PA and a dentist and oral surgeon in WA. Hopefully this problem will be solve on the 5th.
   We will catch up on our blogs soon as Bob gets over all the side effects of the meds.

Here is a teaser of the wildflowers in Glacier National Park

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  1. Ouch..that sound painful. Hope that the problem is fixed for good this time. Best wishes for a quick recovery!